Taking care of mundane tasks so you can enjoy the luxury of time.

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Busy professional concierge services in West Palm Beaches, Boca Raton, and Broward County.  We also offer assistance to the nautical visitor, frequent traveler and snowbirds.
personal secretary and  assistant to help manage the details in my daily busy life

The Essence of Extraordinary

We are a prestige lifestyle management and personal concierge service.  Our golden standard is integrity, confidentiality and the delivery of service excellence to our clientele. 

Our Concierges flair in European style and etiquette to create a thriving experience for clients, as we pride ourselves on attention to details and your individual need.  We offer concierge services nationwide, and tailor our deliverance to help create your story worth being told.  

To help take the stress out of your travels, we have extended our service to work with trusted Brand Ambassador partners in Europe and Scandinavia.

Thank you for visiting us today.  We hope to be of service as your personal concierge.

Private Concierge

As your personal concierge, we provide an array of services and perform a variety of tasks based on your personal or corporate requests.  No request is too big or too small for us to handle.

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management is not just luxury, it's a blueprint to satisfy the sybarite in you.  We offer a personalized approach to handle everything from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Personal Assistance

We are here to assist in your daily personal and business need.  Our personal assistant service is to help your  day-to-day life run smoothly during hectic and busy times.

We are devoted to your fondness of delight and luxury

Stylish & Exotic Transportation

  • Luxury and exotic car rental
  • Formula 1 Speedway experience
  • Yacht/Helicopter/Jet charter
Book your transportation for a day, week, or special occasion.  Take hold of the driver's wheel yourself, or just sit back, relax and enjoy a stress-free journey with a private chauffeur.  Domestic and international rentals are available.

Adventure & Travel

  • Adventurous getaway planning
  • Wine festivals, regattas and road maps
  • North to South Pole and beyond

Why do ordinary?  Whether you're looking for an Arctic snow hotel to an Amazon Forest retreat, we are passionate about locating unique an unusual experiences around the globe.  International air-ambulance service is available - call for details.

Active & Sporty Lifestyle

  • Land and nautical escapes
  • Equestrian / golf / ski resorts
  • Extreme sports / caving
Whether you're an over-stressed adrenaline junkie or just seeking balance through exploration, adventure, and fun, we can help find that road less traveled.

Ritzy & Posh Gifts

  • Unique gifts for him and her
  • The essence of glamour and style
  • Only the best and comfort first

We shop for personalized and customized gifts for every occasion, seeking out timeless elegance within your price range, for luxury is a meaningful way of life. 

What is Your Personal Luxury?

Luxury is in the details
Luxury is the experience
Luxury exist outside the ordinary

Lux Ambassadors are dedicated to help you enjoy luxury here and now.  We take time to get it right, so you can savor the moment of unforgettable comfort and pleasure.

Additional Lux Services

We provide range of services not listed.
Call us, please ask and we will do our 
best to accommodate your request.

If the service or product exist, we will find it!

Your Lux Ambassadors

Your personal concierge will help you find the ordinary to the extraordinary

luxury personal coordinator