The Bespoke Tree-House Hotel

One of our top 10 requests is the tree-house hotel, where the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can be seen
 during Autumn and Winter and the sun shines both night and day during Spring and Summer.
Open year-round 

Give us a call: 1 833-357-9597

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The world is a wonderful place
A surreal and fantastic place to visit


The UFO is built for 5 people.  It can accommodate 2 adults
in a bed, and 3 children in separate beds.  All rooms have free
WiFi.  Shower and sauna are located separate building close by. 

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Reindeer Visits

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UFO Lounge

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Beam Us Up

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Sleeping area

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The mirrorcube is camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their
natural surroundings.

It offers an excellent accommodation for 2 people with double bed,
lounge, rooftop terrace and bathroom.  All rooms have free WiFi.
Showers and sauna are located in separate buildings nearby.

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The dragonfly is the largest room.  It can function as a conference
center as well as a large private suite.  Large panoramic windows
give you a magnificent view over the valley.

Fantastic spacing when used as a large suite for couples, family or corporate retreat.
Fully air conditioned with bathroom and shower. All rooms have free WiFi.

CONFERENCE USE: Large conference room seats 6 with modern
conference equipment.

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Assembly room

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Group room

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The cabin is like a capsule, a naturalized foreign body in the trees.

This room accommodates 2 people with a double bed, bathroom
and rooftop terrace.  Shower and sauna is located in two separate
buildings nearby.
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You access the blue cone via a bridge from the nearby mountain.

This tree room has 4 beds, separate sleeping loft, living room and
bathroom. Showers and sauna is located in two separate building
nearby. All rooms have free WiFi.

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Slothful Cabin
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Disappear and become one with nature in this gigantic bird's nest.  

Access this room with a retractable staircase. 

A family of 4 can comfortably spread out.  It has separate bedrooms,
living area and bathrooms.  All rooms have free WiFi.  Shower and
sauna is located in two separate buildings nearby.

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Retractable staircase

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the world's only UFO tree house hotel


Stairs and landings take you closer to the clouds while giving you a
breath-taking view of the river. Large panoramic windows allow for
a magnificent display of the Northern Lights from this 7th room.  

This spacious room accommodates up to 5 people, with two double
beds, a bed sofa, a lounge, bathrooms and shower. 

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Netted patio

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Lounge area

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Our VIP exclusive includes
Private chauffeur from and to airport, personal guide on stand-by 9am-10pm during your stay, activities are customized according to your request, private jacuzzi and sauna, private dining room, privately prepared 3 course dining, selection of fine wines, breakfast, champagne, snacks, beverages, welcome bouquet and fine chocolate in room, laundry service, room call for Northern Lights alert.
You always have the option to create a customized adventure package.  Call us toll-free: 833-357-9597